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Volunteer Support Staff

We support a region that is extensive and diverse, we count on the help of our volunteer staff, their help is invaluable, for the daily success of our activities.

Our volunteers provide support in clerical, logistics and community roles, this is the team that makes things happen.

Support From Within

Our staff of volunteers assure the smooth process of daily activities in the organization, people reach out to us daily seeking guidance and knowledge. In the presence of a disability, all aspects of life present challenges that sometimes seem unapproachable. Ours is a diverse region: families receiving an ASD diagnosis, military families arriving in the region, young adults who graduate from high school, children transitioning into middle school, IEP meetings, etc. There is something or someone seeking assistance, in need of support, all the time, for that, the Autism Society Tidewater Virginia counts on the kindness of volunteers who go the extra mile, for their community.

Our Volunteer Staff

Christina Morrow
Senior I&R Volunteer

Christina is a native of Virginia Beach and graduate of Bayside High School. After graduating from Sam Houston State University with her Bachelor's in Elementary Education, she pursued a Master's in Special Education at ODU.

Dawn Cascell
Chat & Chew 

I am originally from Tucson Arizona and moved to VA in 2012. My  husband retired from the Air Force as a firefighter. I have two amazing boys, Gunner and Maverick. Gunner was diagnosed with ASD at 18 months old. I am currently a student at TNCC studying Social Sciences  to pursue my dream of helping families with loved ones with ASD navigate services and advocate for them. I love sharing my knowledge and
resources to help others.

Nicole Moga
Logistics Volunteer

Mom of 2 wonderful children, Payton and Ian. Ian was diagnosed with ASD in 3rd grade. It has been such an adventure, every day is a new day. An avid Scouter with BSA, Wants to support ASD kids through scouting. Believes in supporting the community through hard work.

Dawn Hughes
I&R Volunteer

Chat & Chew 

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