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Volunteers are a critical part of our success, all over the region we are supported by many local volunteer organizations, government associations and caring people who simply want to give us a hand.

We have activities all over the region, where you can meet with a variety of professionals and extraordinary people.

When you register we conduct a background check according to our National charter requirements, when that is complete, you are ready to serve with us.

Already registered?

Why background check?

Given the sesitive nature of the public we serve, we require our volunteers to complete a background check on our dime.

To become a volunteer it requires you to complete a couple of enrollment forms, a disclaimer and to complete a background check.

You can volunteer for: clerical work, logistic support at our events, community out reach, or as a peer helping to model social skills, a friendly face to chat with. We have opportunities that will match your skills and interests.

*Volunteers who will conduct clerical work at our office are required to sign an agreement of confidentiality according to HIPAA regulations.

Our Autism community has challenges that affect their ability to learn and use social skills, so to protect their integrity, privacy and guarantee a safe environment, we conduct a background check at our cost for all of our volunteers, done by an recognized company vouched by our national administrative level.

We will not have access to your information, the background report either clears you as volunteer or lists information important in defining your suitability as a volunteer.

Learning to serve your community is especially important for young adults to develop a sense of belonging, we offer opportunities for young adults from 15 years old and up, minors require the written permission of their parents or legal guardians, service time is scheduled on mornings and afternoons, with the presence of their parent or legal guardian.

Youth organizations are extremely welcome to participate since a good portion of our population on the Autism Spectrum are of young age, it is highly beneficial to have the assistance of a peer in the same age range.

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