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We all have preferences, and when deciding to donate our most valuable  resource is TIME, we want to make sure that time spent counts for something. See below all the opportunities we are seeking within our volunteers. Whether you prefer to do a quiet job in support of others, or want to be upfront and visible, we need you all.

Volunteer In a Role That Fits Your Skills

Volunteers who conduct clerical work at our office will be required to sign an agreement of confidentiality according to HIPAA regulations.

Documents: Support staff who will manage our records, in regards to provided supports, resources directory, events attendance, volunteer tracking, etc.
Statistics: Record and write reports on data collected through our activities for marketing and fundraising opportunities.
Support: Receive and process calls and communications, redirecting them to our staff as required.
Translation: As wide as our region is, it is also extremely diverse, bilingual volunteers help to translate documents to languages other than English

Volunteers in logistics, need to be physically able to perform moderate weight lifting and other physical activities. Some additional requirements might apply depending on specific events.

Settings: Assist our staff in prepare, set up and dismantle locations where our events are to be hosted.
Transportation: Transport required elements equipment and supplies to our events' location, provide transportation to our staff and volunteers, a copy of your driving record is required.
Planning: Volunteers with experience in managing events, will assist our staff in putting together programs for the community.

Outreach volunteers will assist our staff in connecting with the local community, in person, via phone or through different social media platforms, outreach volunteers make sure we keep in contact with our community.

Communications: Create and maintain communication channels with outside partners, who are important to the success of our activities.
Representative: Activities that involve representing our organization at different events. Can be reassigned as OnCall paid contractor for single events.
Peer: Volunteers who assist our individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

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