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ASTV Programming

The ASTV offers a wide range of programs for individuals with Autism of all ages, as well as for family members, caregivers, and professionals, that include regular social and recreational programming; support groups; educational workshops; and scholarship opportunities.  You will find more detailed information below about each of our programs.  

We shifted to virtual programming in March 2020, with a few in-person, socially-distant Events.  We will continue offering our programs virtually until further notice.  To register, click below to visit our Program & Events Calendar.

Social & Recreational

Social & Recreational

The ASTV hosts a variety of social and recreational programs for individuals with Autism of all ages and their family members. Our programs offer engaging, interactive opportunities for movement, education, and social connection. Programs include  Teen Social Groups, Adult Social Groups,  Winter Gala, and additional programming co-hosted with our Community Partners.

Adults with Autism Support Group.png

Our Teen Social Groups for middle- and high-schoolers with Autism meet every month, providing engaging opportunities to develop and practice social, communication, and interpersonal skills while also promoting new friendships and positive peer connections.

Our Adult Social Group for individuals with Autism meets every month online, until further notice, encouraging positive social interactions, fostering new relationships, and promoting belonging and acceptance.

Our Winter Gala gives individuals an opportunity to be social, serve our kids to test and learn social skills.



Our support groups meet regularly, providing caregivers, family members, and siblings with support, encouragement, and a sense of community. Our groups are tailored to the age of the loved one with Autism or the age of the sibling to create a community of peers and allow family members to connect with others to share information and resources.


Parents of Autistic Individuals of all ages get together once a month across Hampton Roads in Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and Chesapeake, more areas will be added soon. 

We host 2 weekly parent web chats for parents/caregivers and other interested family members of Autistic individuals. On Tuesdays at 7:00 PM is our Parents of Adults with Autism Web Chat, and on Thursdays at 7:00 PM is our Parents of Children with Autism.

Our monthly Men's Autism Support Hangout (MASH) for dads and other paternal caregivers, is a great opportunity to meet other caregivers, ask questions, share resources, and just take a break with a group of guys who understand the world of Autism. We are doing virtual until further notice.


Join us for an inclusive online game night for teen and adults (all ages) where we enjoy online games to connect and engage social skills as well as practice our problem solving techniques.

Our Information & Referral service provides one-on-one guidance to caregivers, individuals with Autism, and professionals on a variety of topics (typically by phone and email) to connect them with the best possible local, state, and national resources. Call us at 757-461-4474 or email us

Our comprehensive Online Resource Directory provides information to connect individuals and families with local providers and resources to best meet their individual needs. The list is updated regularly.

Our Respite Nights offer an evening of activities for individuals with Autism and their siblings, ages 5 and up. To give caregivers some time to take care of themselves!

We have partnered with many other non-profit organizations with similar missions and a focus on Autism to host a variety of family and sensory inclusive fun days. Please check out our Meetup group event’s calendar for updates,



The ASTV hosts educational opportunities for individuals with Autism, caregivers, family members, and professionals on critical Autism-related topics. We also host monthly workshops,  Autism Friendly Communities provide tailored training and guidance to local businesses to create an Autism-friendly environment.

Through this community training program, the ASTV works collaboratively with local businesses and organizations to develop a customized plan to best support individuals with Autism and their families in our community.

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of high quality, comprehensive educational opportunities for individuals, families, caregivers and professionals. Our workshops are free and open to the public.


The ASTV collaborates with local and state agencies and organizations, as well as serves on work groups and councils, to advocate for services, supports, and legislation to improve the lives of people with Autism and their families. We also host an annual Autism Advocacy Day at the VA General Assembly.

Has your loved one recently received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Are you looking for information and resources? Please join us for an hour of information and connection to local resources with Chapter Operations Manager, Nicole Miller.

We will continue the conversation from our Autism 101 to discuss additional resources and services as our children progress into adulthood. Spend your lunch hour finding out what comes next on the Autism journey with Chapter Operations Manager, Nicole Miller.

We will review the Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) Plus and Developmental Disabilities (DD) Medicaid Waivers Program along with relevant Medicaid programs

Our lunch and learns cover a variety of topics to be determined by the Chapter Operations Manager. Please see Meetup and Website for details



Inclusivity is a core value of the ASTV and we remain dedicated to reducing income barriers.


The ASTV offers Maci's Ride Scholarships, with scholarships and respite care opportunities, including workshops and conferences related to Autism. 


To learn more about our Scholarships and Financial Assistance Opportunities, or to apply for assistance, please click the block below and also check out the links provided to other agency's who offer grants and scholarships:

The Autism Society Tidewater Virginia offers scholarships to Autistic individuals and their families based on need and funds available through our partnership with Maci’s Ride. Applications will be available in the fall of each year. Please contact Nicole Miller at

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