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URGENT! Help Move the ABLE Age Adjustment Act through Committee

Updated: Jun 20, 2022


The Senate Finance Committee is holding a mark-up for SECURE 2.0, a retirement savings bill, on Wednesday, June 22. We have the opportunity to ensure the ABLE Age Adjustment Act is highlighted and marked up during this process, but we must act now. The ABLE Age Adjustment Act will expand the number of individuals with disabilities eligible to open ABLE accounts. Under the current law, only individuals with an age onset of disability prior to turning 26 are eligible. This bill would increase the age limit up to 46 years of age, providing any individual whose disability onset began prior to turning 46 the opportunity to open an ABLE account. This important change will not only expand access for individuals with disabilities but improve the long-term viability of ABLE programs by increasing the number of active accounts.

Please contact your Senators to urge them to include the ABLE Age Adjustment Act in the markup on Wednesday. Be sure to stress that the bill has bipartisan support from key Republicans including Senators Burr (NC), Moran (KS), Boozman (AR), Murkowski (AK), Marshall (KS), and Toomey (PA).

Thank you for your advocacy!


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