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July Webinars for Mental Health

July Webinars for Mental Health and Well Being from Mindspring

Relationships, Family, and Mental Health | Tues 7/19 12-1:00p CDT The complicated nature of mental illnesses can make relationships challenging, and caregiver stress — the emotional and physical stress of caregiving — is common. Learn strategies to set boundaries, respond to difficult behavior, and manage your own stress in this one-hour webinar with a licensed therapist. Register Here: Setting Healthy Boundaries in Relationships | Wed 7/20 12-1:00p CDT Maintaining a balance between taking care of loved ones and setting healthy boundaries for yourself can be challenging. Learn how to express your own needs without guilt, strike a healthy balance between caregiving and self-care, and tips for negotiating compromises with a licensed therapist. Register Here: Early Attachment: Why Emotional Bonds Matter | Wed 7/20 5:30-6:30p CDT Attachment theory is among the most popular concepts in children’s mental health. Explore the stages of attachment, what secure attachment looks like, and the impact of insecure attachments in this one-hour webinar. Register Here: Communication Do’s & Don’ts | Thurs 7/21 12-1:00p CDT Understanding how mental health impacts thinking and behavior helps to reduce frustration & stress, and improves outcomes for everyone. Learn simple tools to manage conflict and express feelings so that you are heard with a licensed therapist. Register Here: Understanding Dissociative Disorders | Tues 7/26 | 12-1:00p CDT Dissociation changes your sense of time and identity, and makes people feel disconnected from their thoughts, feelings, and memories. It's a normal phenomenon that most people experience at some point, though some will develop a dissociative disorder that requires treatment. Explore the types of dissociative disorders, their symptoms, prevalence & causation, and how they're treated. Register Here: Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Wed 7/27 12-1:00p CDT OCD manifests differently in different people – the disorder involves much more than anxiety about germs or compulsions to clean. An accessible guide to understanding this often-misunderstood diagnosis, including symptoms of OCD, co-occurring disorders, and treatment options. Learn practical tips for managing symptoms and helping others. Register Here: Managing Emotions through Connection | Wed 7/27 5:30-6:30p CDT How does the emotional support we do / do not receive as children impact our ability to manage emotions as adults? Learn the types of emotional support children need from infancy through adolescence, and the tools caregivers need to provide what each stage needs. Register Here: Understanding ADHD | Thurs 7/28 12-1:00p CDT Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is more than hyperactive people and short attention spans. An accessible guide to understanding causation, symptoms, and treatment options for ADHD. Learn practical tips for managing symptoms and supporting loved ones with a licensed therapist. Register Here:


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